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Shop Local. Anywhere in the world. This app is Locals truly supporting locals.

This is how it works......

How to: Find and Sell Local Food Near You!

Garden Catch is like Craigslist , but for high quality local food and goods. Find what you want and sell (or donate) what you don’t need to your neighbors! In-app messaging connects you to your neighbors to arrange for drop-off, pick up, and payment.

Step 1: Download the app. It’s easy and free!
Step 2: Make a Profile. Create an account, add your picture – we want to see your face!
Step 3: Edit your Filters. Click the top right button to set your location, distance parameters and even how fresh you want the product you search for to be.
Step 4: Search for Foods and Goods Near You.
a. Click to top right Search button to find what you’re looking for, or
b. Click the top left button and select “Categories” to browse more of what’s available
Step 5: Sell (or Donate!) your Goods. Click upper left button and select “Sell You Garden”. Take a picture of the item, name your price, and submit.

Like a specific provider Simply follow your favorite providers and receive mobile app notifications of new listings.

The idea for Garden Catch is to grow, set up an account and then take a picture, post, and leave details about the product such as: cost if selling, type of plant, and even on how the produce was grown. A way to show your pride and hard work. Receive ratings, comments from people that you share or sell your Garden Catch with.

Buyers can connect to people looking for a specific item from real people. Signing up for an account then using a search query to locate a specific item, viewing details about the items, viewing grower’s ratings, comments and shares, chatting about the items details and arranging pick up for the item.

This all works geographically or by sharing from other users. Use Your Mobile or PC and Throw a virtual net between 1-100 miles around you and see what you can catch!

People to people produce. Farm to Fork. Seeing who is the provider and making an informed decision for yourself.

Have an Excess of food You can Donate it to those in need with App!

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