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Start buying local and selling local with the Farm Fresh 24/7 app! In 5 easy Steps.
Step 1: Download the app. It’s easy and free!
Step 2: Create an account. Make a Profile, add your picture – we want to see your face!
Step 3: Edit your Filters. Click the top right button to set your location, distance parameters and even how fresh you want the product you search for to be.
Step 4: Search for Foods and Goods Near You.
a. Click to top right Search button to find what you’re looking for, or
b. Click the top left button and select “Categories” to browse more of what’s available.
c. Want to buy or sell for a Business there are Business to Business options available.
Step 5: Sell (or Donate!) your Goods. Click upper left button and select “Sell”. Take a picture of the item, name your price, and submit.

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